What are medium breed dogs?

First let us mention the dwarf breeds which have their equivalents in higher size, that is to say "average"

   - The MEDIUM POODLES 7 to 9 kilos of plain coat either white, black, apricot or gray.

   - The MEDIUM PINSCHER similar to its dwarf counterparts but between 6 and 9 kilos. 

   - The  SPITZ (Pomeranian Loulou)


Le French Bulldog. He accompanies us in private and in the company, moreover he is our favorite model for the accessories that we propose to you.

  • This dog with an ungrateful face since it has a "crushed" face
  • one of the most affectionate of the canine race
  • very endearing and very attached to his masters
  • From very gentle and non-aggressive character, it's his trick!

He is one of the "molossoids", large dogs with a "crushed" face already selected in Roman times.
In France, in the nineteenth century, he was selected by the corporation of coachmen, his surly air being secure for their transport.

It weighs between 8 and 14 kilos.

Its dress can be uniform fawn or with "tigrures" or "bringures"
dark, additionally white spots are possible.

His hair is short and in winter it will be a bit chilly … the dog accessories of rigor will be welcome to take a walk. Outside, against the cold or the rain, a coat on the warm side or on the waterproof side will be perfect. You can also opt for our colliers or bandana !

Finally with this race, only happiness!

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